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Farm Sales

Our Agricultural Department is headed by Nigel Morris, who, as a Farmer’s son, has a depth of knowledge about Farms & Farming which can only be gained by a lifetime closely involved with farming matters.  Despite challenges posed by seasonal weather conditions and often unpredictable crop prices, the number of Farms coming up for sale is never high. This often puzzles outsiders, and we can absolutely see why.

You would quite naturally think that if Farming is having a tough time, there would be lots of Farms coming up for sale.  The truth is, the vast majority of Farms in this part of the world have been in the same family for many many years, and it is a way of life which, although dependent upon the forces of nature, can nevertheless be seductive and beguiling, even if all the odds are stacked against you.  Most Farmers love the way of life and are very reluctant to give it up.  We understand that.

Moreover, this is truly a beautiful part of the world, and driving through undulating countryside on a clear spring day one can certainly realise why the Farmer wishes to remain on his Holding forever! However, Farms do come up for sale from time to time, as do Smallholdings, Blocks of Land and a variety of Agricultural Buildings for conversion or adaptation.

If you wish to discuss a possible sale of your Farm or Smallholding, or would like to talk about division of same with a view to selling part, please contact Nigel Morris on 01989 768320.