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Property Auctions

On selected days each year, Morris Bricknell hold both individual and collective Property Auctions at a range of venues throughout the area.  Auctions of property can be held for a variety of reasons which can include the following:

Where one has a rundown Country Cottage which however may have several acres of Land and be in an idyllic, rural situation.  Such a property is not only difficult to value accurately, but will typically be in high demand.  An Auction is often recommended to sell such a property.

Where the Estate of a deceased person wishes to be seen to be taking the property to a Public Auction, so that the Executors have dealt openly with the disposal of the property in a public and transparent manner.

Foreclosure – this may be where a borrower has failed to keep up repayments on a mortgage, and a Building Society or Bank have taken possession and then need to sell the property by Public Auction on the open market.

Any properties that are due to be sold in the near future by Public Auction will appear both in newspaper adverts and on our website.