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Pipeline Compensation

We have recently acted for a number of clients whose Farm or Estate Land lay along the route of the Milford Haven to West Midlands gas pipeline route. Interestingly, this gas originates in Qatar, being shipped in Liquefied Natural Gas tankers to the deep water port of Milford Haven, where there are 5 gigantic storage domes.  The gas is then sent under very high pressure through the extra large  pipeline towards the West Midlands and into the National Grid.

This hugely expensive project (approx £800,000,000) was pushed forward in a rush by the pre 2010 Government when they realised just how vulnerable the UK could be if someone turned the taps down on our undersea pipelines from Europe and elsewhere.  That vulnerability was graphically illustrated during some February/March snowfalls a few years ago, when our UK gas supply was down to single figures in terms of the number of days capacity!

If you have any queries regarding compensation matters for pipelines, please speak to Nigel Morris on 01989 768320.