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Selling Your Property

If you have already decided that you would like Morris Bricknell to sell your property, please contact us to arrange a visit.  If you haven’t yet decided, it may be worth considering the answers to the following questions:

1) Is your Agent qualified?  You may be interested to know that there are still no minimum entry requirements.  Anybody can still set themselves up as an Estate Agent without any qualifications whatever.

2) Is the Agent experienced with the nuances of value within the area?
3) Does your Agent know the locality well and have first class contacts with other Professionals and Agents in the area!
4) Have you had at least two positive recommendations from friends or colleagues who have first hand knowledge.
5) Is your Agent situated in a prominent High Street location with good display facilities? (Despite the wonderfully positive influence of the internet on property selling, many Clients still consider conventional window display a significant additional sales aid.
6) Is the Agent well versed in dealing with properties such as yours?
7) Hopefully the following attributes will help you decide that Morris Bricknell Chartered Surveyors are the right people to sell your property!

Professionalism & Local Expertise

Both Nigel Morris and Norman Bricknell are long established Chartered Surveyors who adopt a hands on approach to every single property that we sell and, especially when it comes to negotiating a sale, bring our skills and experience to the negotiation to obtain the very best sale on your behalf.  We have each been involved with property in the Herefordshire, Monmouthshire & Gloucestershire area for over 35 years, and have grown to know and love the area over that time.  We consider local expertise to be one our strengths, and our qualifications and experience contribute to our ability to work professionally on your behalf.

Photography & Brochure Preparation

We consider that the quality of photography and brochure preparation is critical in the marketing of your property.  Bear in mind that a very large portion of our purchasers come from the south east of England and they need to be enticed (not mis-led) to view your property in order that might they choose your property over others. We always produce a comprehensive draft brochure for you to peruse, and once any required changes have been made, we go straight into print, sometimes with in-house production but very often with professionally printed, laminated glossy brochures.  The two compliments that we most frequently receive pertain to the quality of our brochures, and our professionalism, but we don’t want to sound immodest!

Advertising, Marketing & The Internet

Assuming that our Vendor wants his property to be fully marketed (as opposed to low profile promotion – see later) your property will not only be marketed in local conventional media titles but, most importantly, nationally and internationally, via web portals such as, Zoopla, PrimeLocation and the property websites of The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Independent and many other publications. Depending on the property, we also use regional publications such as the Western Daily Press, Bristol Post & Cheltenham Echo.  Sometimes, for a variety of different reasons, Vendors request a low profile sale.  In these cases, we produce a brochure, but are very discreet about the manner in which we find a purchaser, in keeping with the Vendors brief.


We are passionate about property, and the honest promotion of the virtues of your home is all important.  Every property will be dealt with by a Partner, and in almost all cases, one or more additional staff members will have seen the property, and therefore be able to talk knowledgeably and enthusiastically about your property.  Applicants really appreciate that honest ‘I’ve seen it’ first hand knowledge.


As in all aspects of life, good communication is critical to a successful outcome.  Marketing your property is a team effort, and it is vital that a strong rapport is established between Vendor and Agent, and that relationship must be based on integrity, trust and openness.  Our work does not stop when we have introduced a buyer.  Overseeing the progress from then on is incredibly important.  Only upon exchange of contracts and completion is our job done.  Many of our instructions to sell are as a result of a recommendation from a previous happy client.

The Contract or Agreement

Once we have discussed the brief given to us by the Vendor, an Agreement will be made which, is set out in writing, bespoke for every client, and that is the Agreement that we work to.  There are no weasel words.  You sign a copy, we sign a copy, typically on a single sheet of A4 paper.  It’s as simple as that.  You know where you stand, and we follow your brief.  Over the years we have seen some awful, one sided contracts, with lots of small print, which unhappy Vendors have unwittingly signed up for.

With rare exception, our commission for selling your property includes all normal expenditure incurred, e.g. all colour photography and colour brochure production, advertising in all of our normal media outlets, all internet portal presence etc. for as long as it takes to sell your property.  With regard to a HIP (Home Information Pack) these are no longer required, although an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) still is. The cost of an EPC is normally included in our fee, as is a Floor Plan.  Most purchasers find the Floor Plan very helpful, especially larger, older properties.

Selling By Auction

Throughout a typical year, we normally hold several collective Property Auctions, typically Auctioning 3 to 6 properties at a time.  Auctions can be held for a number of different reasons and we would normally tell you after our first visit to your property if we felt this was a sensible way to promote your sale.  A sale by Auction is one the few occasions when there would normally be some additional costs incurred in undertaking the more widespread advertising that an Auction needs.  Typical extra expenditure is approx £500 to £800.

Property Presentation

Sometimes the objectivity of somebody like ourselves coming to your property for the first time will observe something which is easily changeable, yet will make your property more appealing.  We endeavour to be open and honest about such matters since as mentioned earlier, selling is a team effort, and sometimes simple changes can make a significant difference.  You may be pleased to know that significant expenditure is not usually required!

In Conclusion

We feel that honesty, integrity, enthusiasm and reliability are critical criteria when choosing your Agent.  Link this with the latest technology, high profile marketing enabling National & International coverage, we feel that perhaps you have to look no further.  We believe that we are approachable, friendly and come with a proven track record.  We would value the opportunity to market your property!


“Dear Norman, This is more a personal letter than a formal one.  I write it on Mum’s behalf and I know she will echo what I write.  After all, it was her who chose you to market her home.  She was never in any doubt that you were the right person to market Green Court for her.

Her choice proved to be the right one!  Norman, it has been a delight to have you take over the selling of her property.  From the superb photos you took and the impressive glossy brochure…and all the way through you have been an agent who has been very worthy of your fee.

Thank you for your advice and help with pitching a realistic selling price and encouragement when we needed it!  In the end it brought a sale to two delightful people.  Having met them, I feel we can let go of the house to people who have the same values about life and who love the house and garden and all that surrounds it.

So, Norman, well done! And thank you. With very kind regards.”

Roz Graham-Smith             

“Norman & Staff, Thank you for all you did to keep me informed, and to make my house sale so painless. I did so appreciate your care and professionalism. Thank you.

Jan Yorke  

“Norman, Nigel & Team, Thank you all so much for your patience, persistence and professionalism.  You have done us proud, and kept our morale up through a difficult time.  We will be forever grateful.

Simon & Michelle Pryor          

“Dear Norman, Thank you so much for all your help and guidance – I knew you’d get us there.  Please thank your colleagues for their efforts and of course Nigel .whose note was much appreciated.   Most of all though it wouldn’t have happened without you.”

Sheila Childs